Zombie Night Games LAst Friday of every month

The world is in chaos after a deadly virus has turned even the most passive person into ferocious killing machines.


With the authorities and military unable to control the spread of infection the world has broken.

All that now remains of humanity are bands of survivors in a desperate struggle to find a safe harbour.


One such group has saved a viral biologist known as "Dr Wilderbeast" who was researching the virus with the view of making a vaccine or cure.

Help the Dr to find the samples he needs to continue his work.


As well as the infected watch out for other survivor groups and fight for control of precious supplies and resources you will need to survive.

What is a Zombie Night?

Zombie nights are a themed event tailored towards those players who want a little more fantasy to immerse themselves in.


After the compulsory safety briefing you will introduced to Dr Wilderbeast who will supply you with information you will need about the infected in order to survive the night.

Become A Zombie Believe it or not playing as a Zombie is a lot of fun!! If you are interested in joining the horde get in touch via our facebook page or email us at: info@combatairsoft.co.uk



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