Site Rules

At Combat Airsoft we take safety extremely seriously and have built our whole site around maintaining a safe environment to play Airsoft in. From the compound rules to game fields these rules are there to protect you the player and everyone around you.

Anyone in breach of these rules will be ejected from the site.


1 Players With Own Weapons


1.1 Airsoft players arriving with their own weapons MUST ensure ALL guns are covered or boxed during arrival and departure. We do not want to see players removing guns from their cars whilst waiting outside. The temptation to show off the weapons and maybe even fire the odd friendly fire shot at your mates whilst waiting around can often prove too tempting. Please use common sense. Players will not bring onto the site any real, deactivated or bladed weapons or inappropriate (non-Airsoft) pyrotechnics.


1.2 Bayonets, samurai swords and machetes have no place in Airsoft games. ONLY Airsoft weaponry is acceptable. NO EXCEPTIONS. If in doubt, ask us. We don’t bite.


1.3 At the end of the day all players must wait to be discharged from the site after ensuring all equipment, clothing and weapons have all been returned.


2 Site weapon limits


2.1 The site limit is 350fps for all fully automatic capable weapons, shotguns, pistols and semi automatics, measured with .20g BB’s.


2.2 Bolt action rifles such as sniper rifles will be limited to 500fps, measured with .20g BB’s and must fall within the joule limit on the weight you shoot. There is also a 20m minimum engagement distance for sniper rifles which must be observed.


2.3 All guns not belonging to Combat Airsoft will be chronoed each day, with .20g BB’s – which we will provide. Guns that fail by any significant margin will not be able to be used.


2.4 Velocity reducers are not permitted.


2.5 There is no limit to BB weight except for when chronoing. However, only bb’s supplied by Combat Airsoft can be used in rental guns.


3 Safety Brief


3.1 Face Protection

Full face protection is highly recommended and is a legal requirement for anyone under the age of 16. If you are over 16 and wish to not wear face protection you must wear proper eye protection. If we believe your eye protection is not capable of withstanding a 0.20g bb at 500fps from close range you will not be allowed to wear them. Face protection should only be removed when inside a safe zone. This does not include dead zones or respawn points. Face protection can only be removed in game when instructed by a marshal and only after a cease fire has been called.


3.2 Safe Zones

Safe zones are not game zones. All weapons brought into the game zone must be unloaded, have their barrels cleared of any remaining bb’s and be set to safety where possible before entering. Pistols are allowed to remain loaded but only if securely holstered.


3.3 Cease Fires

If a cease fire needs to be called you must shout “CEASE FIRE” until a whistle is heard which will be blown by a marshal to indicate their knowledge of the cease fire. Upon hearing either “cease fire” being shouted or a whistle you must place your weapon at your feet on the ground where possible.

A cease fire may be called for many reasons such as a member of the public straying into the gaming area or a player needing medical attention. Only marshal’s can approach members of the public.

Only a marshal can resume play which will be signalled by three short burst on a whistle followed by the words “Game On”


3.4 Pyrotechnics

Pyrotechnics can only be purchased by and used by persons over 18 years of age as they are legal classed as a firework. Only pyrotechnics supplied by Combat Airsoft may be used. If you have your own pyrotechnics please ask a marshal if you are allowed to use them.

Pyrotechnic grenades have a 5 metre kill radius if you are within 5 meters of a grenade when it detonates you are dead.


3.5 Blind Firing

Blind firing is not allowed under any circumstances. You may only shoot your weapon when whatever you are firing at is in visible view while looking down the top of your weapon. Anyone found to neglect this rule will receive a warning and if caught again will be asked to leave the site.


3.6 Hit Taking

Airsoft is an honesty based game. If you have been hit you must stop playing, raise your hand and clearly shout “HIT” so that everyone around you knows you have been hit. When you are hit you are to return to the respawn point detailed at the beginning of the game. While travelling to the respawn point your hand must remain raised and when exiting a building or other area that may hide your presence clearly shout “DEAD PLAYER COMING OUT” so players are aware you are dead. This is in your best interest as you will risk being mistaken for a live player. If you are caught to not be taking your hits you will be warned once and if caught again will be asked to leave the site.


3.7 Over Kill and the Surrender Rule

Please do not continue to shoot a player once they have shouted that they have been hit. If you 3-4 meters of an enemy player please use common sense and hit them with only one round. If you are so close that you can touch them please do not shoot them you can kill them by saying “Surrender” this is much more sporting.


3.8 Drugs and Alcohol

No drugs or alcohol are allowed onsite under any circumstances. If you are found to be consuming or under the influence of either you will be asked to leave and will be banned from returning.


3.9 Bullying

Bullying is not accepted verbal or physical. This includes abusive shouting when you believe you have hit a player. If you believe you have hit a player and they have not taken their hits please report them to a marshal with a description. Simply saying “that bloke in camo is not taking his hits” is not enough.


4 Common Sense


4.1 Swearing

Please mind you language this is common sense


4.2 Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas. Please make sure that all cigarettes are fully extinguished.


4.3 Props

Do not climb or damage any structures or props. You will be charged for any intentional damages.


4.4 Health

All health issues or conditions must report to marshal and declared on the waiver form when booking in.– diabetics, eppy pens, asthma etc...



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