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At Combat Airsoft we endeavour to give our players the best possible experience. With our regular Combat Days aimed at the fun, light hearted side we listening to our customers feedback for something a bit different. A bit more serious then a combat day but not so intense as an full on MilSim we are thrilled to offer

Combat Ops.


Combat Ops is a fully tailored experience perfect for small teams and will test your tactics and communication skills to the limit.



During a brutal civil war the country of Harligrad was split into East and West Harligrad. The West Harlingrad government favoured aligning with NATO countries where as East Harligrad favoured maintaining their ties with Eastern powers.

Over several years a uneasy peace has been observed with the exception of covert operations by either sides elite fighting units.


In the West the Delta Task Force (DTF) was formed as an elite covert fighting force tasked with conducting anti-terror operations and clandestine attacks against East Halringrad.

While in the East the secretive Scorpion Special Operations Group (S-SOG) was created to combat the threat of western aggression on sovereign ground as well as conduct covert operations on foreign soil.











Military aggression is not uncommon along the border but somehow the latest escalation feels somewhat different!


When you arrive you will report to the HQ where your commander will issue a mission pack containing intelligence gathered and your mission objectives.








A short time in the morning will be assigned to team training, learning how to move as a team, cross obstacles and any other tactics relevant to the scenario. You will then be required to plan your mission and brief your team before (after a bit of lunch)inserting into the combat area and executing the mission.


Each mission is carefully created by our team to immerse you in the scenario. Each mission is a 3 hour continuous game requiring you to utilise your tactics to prevail.


Please Note:

This type of event is not for those who want to go out and shot as many targets as possible, quite possibly you could not even fire a single shot. This event is tailored towards tactics and teamwork to achieve the mission objectives not force.


Combat Ops is specifically tailored for small force on force operations and due to the nature of the missions will be limited to players using their own equipment and over the age of 18.

Ammo limits will apply and specific re-spawn medical rules will be enforced to keep the experience immersive.



Due to the nature of this event and to keep the experience as immersive as possible there are a few points that must be understood before you make your booking:


1. You must have your own kit and equipment, no hire packages will be available for Combat Ops.


2. Only Mid/Low cap magazines must be used.

(ammo limits will apply)


3. Clothing and camouflage requirements are team dependant (no armbands will be used it is up to you to identify friend from foe)

It does not matter what colour your vest or other accessories are just the main uniform.


Light camo uniforms such as:

- Multicam

- Desert Camo's

- Coyote

- ATACS Desert


Dark camo or civilian clothes such as:

- Woodland

- Olive/Green


- Jeans

Don't miss your opportunity to be part of something special. Book now by selecting Combat Ops from the list of available events on our booking page.



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